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Why Mid Canterbury Boxing Academy…

Created as a strategic youth facility, the Mid Canterbury Boxing Academy, previously known as, ‘the gym’, was established in Melcombe Street in 2011. David Taylor saw the potential in a very large run down building that had the bones of what the Academy will operate from today.  His vision was to assist local youth through boxing.

Since 2013, unforeseen connections with Billy Graham, a former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion and visionary of Naenae Boxing Academy, were made.  Billy and the Naenae Youth Charitable Trust have agreed to support the Mid Canterbury Boxing Academy to create an academy based on the same principles of those of Naenae and Cannons Creek.  Both of these successful Wellington based academy’s and their local communities are seeing huge changes in the lives of at risk youth with boxing being the vehicle.

Who We Work With:
The Mid Canterbury Boxing Academy will be open to all male youth from the age of 9 years.  Participation is not determined by creed or race but by the boys’ willingness to adhere to rules and standards.

Our Objectives:
·    To significantly alter the lives of young people in Mid Canterbury by teaching them standards, discipline, and real life skills through quality programmes provided by the Trust
·    To help and support the educational, social and physical development of Mid Canterbury Youth
·    To provide support for Mid Canterbury youth who are socially disadvantaged and from dysfunctional families
·    To provide facilities and other appropriate assistance to Mid Canterbury youth
·    To develop some boxers to an international level
·    To support members’ families and to help the large number of solo mothers who need a positive male role model for their boys

When the boys first come to the programme, most of them either think they are tough or suffer from low self-esteem and many have learning disabilities.

The Academy aims to:
·    Turn young boys into healthy young men
·    Work on attitudes and self-control
·    Motivate each boy to personal excellence
·    Teach them to respect their family and those around them
·    Understand and care for their own bodies and increase fitness

Our Programmes:
Cornelius Grobler, the current New Zealand Welterweight Champion, will be the Head Coach.  As the Academy grows, it will be our goal to increase coaches.

The methods used by the academy’s programmes are boxing, self-defense, group games and fitness.

It is our intention and hope to have referrals for youth with special needs from:
·    Schools
·    Police
·    Juvenile Courts

These youth present substantial and varying problems which means they are not able to cope with the normal demands of society.  Some of these problems are dyslexia, slow learning, prescription drugs, ADHD/ADD, relationship difficulties and drug/alcohol abuse.

We are aware that we can not care for every need and situation, but we are prepared to take up the challenge and assist our local community, youth, social agencies, schools and law enforcement.

Each boy must abide by the following standards:
·    No alcohol,
·    No drug involvement,
·    No smoking,
·    No swearing,
·    No beanies, caps, hoods or patches to be warn in the Academy

Regular attendance and personal training is compulsory.

In addition to boxing the boys are taught the following life-skills:
·    Humour,
·    Self-esteem,
·    Discipline,
·    Respect,
·    Good citizenship,
·    Caring,
·    Communication skills

For many of the boys the programme represents the only place they will be exposed to and come to learn these real life skills, given their underprivileged background.

Proposed Programmes:
·    Training sessions each week
·    Weekly classes for local schools for their “At Risk” pupils
·    Visiting schools and speaking to pupils on motivation and lifestyle choices